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d the current barriers to investment and shackles facing the field.Premier Zhao Huan answer questions about when the FTA to Hony acquisition of British food and beverage brands, for example, to explain the FTA to facilitate cross-border investment brings. He says, "The past is the prior approval of kindness, but inconsistent with the laws of the market, does not conform to international norms. Afterwards, you can record the Chinese enterprises with foreign companies on the same starting line."After only 20 days, a significant relaxation of foreign investment pro   air jordan 11 salejects. October 8, the State Council executive meeting decided that except for a few otherwise specified, shall be canceled overseas investment projects approved. Under the new rules, foreign investment projects in 2013, about 99 percent of the project will be canceled audit, to record.2014 Central Economic Work Conference that traditional industries are relatively saturated, but the infrastructure interoperability and investment opportunities of new technologies, new products, new formats, new business models in large numbers, for innovative financing methods proposed new requirements, must be able to grasp investme

nt direction, eliminating investment obstacles to investment continues to play a key role in economic development.Capital, economic capital is like blood, only the blood flow to the nerve endings in each root, covering the many small and micro enterprises, the Chinese economy can truly "live" together. A seemingly simple conversation, but in reality to further clear the Chinese economy blood.Downward pressure on economic growth in the face of deep-seated contradictions and highlight the situation, every guest at Zhongnanhai entrepreneurs speak freely, frankly reflect their respective industries, the difficulties faced by enterprises and existing problems. As Premier Li Keqia  air jordan 5 mensng said, "Macroeconomic statistics need to be verified on their own experience, the next economic trends and measures need to listen to the people in charge of comments and suggestions."Five groups of entrepreneurs into the Zhongnanhai is just a microcosm of the guests from Zhongnanhai out a smile on his face, passing on China's economic future expectations and vision. According to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Shanxi news: The Shanxi Provincial approval, the party secretary of Shanxi Xinzho

u Dong Yun alleged serious violation of the law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. (Shanxi Commission for Discipline Inspection)Dong Yun resumeDong Yun, male, born in November 1956, Han, Linfen City Hongdong Long  Taiwan village, Shanxi Normal University, Zheng Shiji undergraduate degree; June 1976 joined the Chinese Communist Party; in January 1982 to work in current CPC Xinzhou Party secretary.Participate in the work, he served as Hongdong Horsehead commune party secretary; November 27 this year, "Liaoning Daily" article entitled "Liaohe Oilfield comprehensively deepen reforms to create quality and efficiency of the de nike lunar hyperdunk 2014 cheapvelopment of new habitatReported world "showhas served as party secretary of Liaohe Oilfield Company post.Public reports indicate, Ren Fangxiang previous position was deputy general manager of Liaohe Oilfield Company.Multiple authoritative sources confirmed the news to the surging, Liaohe Oilfield Company originally  Hao has been taken away by authorities at the end of April this year. However, the official announcement has not yet.Surging news search found Zhou Hao was last seen in public reports, is April 15, 2014, Zhou Hao

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 interest expense increased by 3.3%" Straight asked, "You're just put in the cost of the next plane financing other than put out the surface charges, which accounted for how much  "He answered with the new, "we, as the central level, and major commercial banks interactive nice, but small and medium enterprises is more difficult than we did."Thus, the "financing difficulties, financing expensive" has long been an open secret on the market.Traditinike lunar hyperdunk 2013 onlineonal home appliance industry representatives Zhuhai Gree Group Co., Ltd. Dong Mingzhu discussion with the Prime Minister at the time, said that the most important issue is not money, but the quality and technical issues. Dong Mingzhu suggested that companies should create a collaborative government regulate business environment, policy support should be moderate.The plight of both its traditional business of long-term accumulation of internal problems, but also the impact of the external environment. However, there are opportunities for traditional businesses hit back.With the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure speed, production characteristics becoming miniaturized, intelligent, professional, corporate advances wil

l rely more on the quality of human capital and technological progress and innovation is bound to become a new engine driving the development, it will be to build the core of enterprise development fundamental competitiveness.Asked - fortunately emerging industryAlso meeting in July, Sohu CEO Charles Zhang told the Prime Minister admonition, "For the protection of intellectual property infringement, should intensify." Prime Minister asked, "Do you feel that the punishment is not enough "In recent years, as the representative of the emerging Interne nike lebron soldier 8 onlinet companies have highlights the strong vitality. In early November, a guest at Zhongnanhai Ma introduced to the Prime Minister said, "This year is estimated to be 11 double Taobao exceeded 300 billion yuan, which is the traditional business model of the scene would have been unthinkable." Li praised said, "you create a consumption point. "The rise of new industries brought many positive changes for the Chinese economy. Currently, the labor market by the physical transformation model to professional skills, own and drive the growth of new industries stimulating effect, the impact on the transformation of the economic structure and

 traditional industries form the stack effect, bring out the integration of the development trend of the industry.President Xi Jinping's visit with the new economy entrepreneur Li and Ma have been corroborated - Chinese Internet companies are to the world, the rise in the East.Over the past year, both to the global market Ali "sea Amoy" or enter Brazil, "Baidu Lusophone", have become an important symbol of Chinese Int nike air max 95 shoesernet companies globalization layout.At present, the Chinese economy is a more advanced form of the division of labor is more complex, more structured stage evolution, adjust the economic structure is shifting from an incremental stock-based expansion, and excellent incremental coexistence, economic development power is shifting from the traditional growth new growth point. As the representative of the emerging Internet industry represent the future direction of China's economy.Dialogue - investment facilitation of weightSeptember 18 this year, the establishment of a free trade zone in Shanghai, the first anniversary, Premier Li Keqiang to Shanghai during the research and foreign business executives held a forum. Meanwhile, Zhao, Hony Capital president admitte

on a piece of gold-rimmed

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up a surging market power. Entrepreneur is the market tide beach-goers, is the lifeblood of innovation and wealth. Eight 2014 Central Economic Work Conference's "pay more attention" to reveal the new orientation of China's economic development, in which "more pay attention to entrepreneurship," first appeared.Read the calendar, since last April, the State Council Li Keqiang five "Meet" Entrepreneurs guest Zhongnanhai. In September last year, the Summer Davos forum, Li also met with Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs again and communicate. Through discussions with entrepreneurs exchange, decision-makers can perceive pulse of the market close, truly feel the power surging market.Guests - Why are entrepreneursZhongnanhai northwest from the door into the walk will soon be able to see a mighty lions lying doorway retro-style architecture. Emblem hanging on the door, and says, "The first meeting room" on a piece of gold-rimmed plaque. Generally speaking, there is a national leadership forum for scholars to attend the meeting, where representatives of the grassroots, in recent years the addition of a new group of guests - entrepreneurs.Wi air jordan 1 cheapth the reform and opening up, Chinese enter

prises have gone through a brilliant thirty years. Enterprise is an important carrier of the national economy, especially private enterprises in the Chinese economy is increasingly convexSignificant. According to statistics, at present, private enterprises accounted for China's GDP has more than 60%, to absorb more than 80% of urban employment and 90% of new jobs each year.In the first half of this year, private investment accounted for in the national fixed asset investment has exceeded 65%. Private Bank launched a pilot project, the dev  air jordan 1 sale  elopment of private finance is not Ai Fang, private power has become an important driving force of China's financial reform and the force of China's modernization process.In recent years, Ali, Huawei, Baidu, Wanda, represented by private enterprise is to accelerate out of the country, to participate in the process of economic globalization, the Chinese products, Chinese brand to the world.As a group of entrepreneurs in China's economic construction participants, witnesses, their voices, their insight and aspirations for the importance of decision making can be imagined.Premier Li Keqiang met with entrepreneurs through the list, and not dif

ficult to find areas where they are both profound knowledge of traditional manufacturing enterprises, but also the emerging next wave of Internet companies, more bearing pillar industry of national economic growth. Into Zhongnanhai, entrepreneurs actually said something Solving - sleepy traditional industryAfter 30 years of high-strength, large-scale economic construction, traditional industries already relatively saturated. In recent years, home appliances, construction, real estate, represented by the traditional industry is facing a snike air max 95 sale  evere test.According to statistics, the traditional home appliance business may suffer negative growth in the first three years, the real estate market is facing the dual pressures of high inventories and prices differentiation, rising labor costs in labor-intensive industries are faced with the problem of development of the industry has become a pain. Among them, financing difficulties, financing expensive, poor financing channels is to let companies complain incessantly.July 2014, Li Keqiang when listening to the China General Technology Holdings Limited chairman Ho with a new report, the Prime Minister of the report referred to "corporate

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